My Vision

One dream of mine is capture so much more than just the beautiful birth, but also to crawl into the hard spaces, the glory spaces with mom's. 

I want to go there with you. Live your life with you through pictures. Motherhood when you're on your game, and motherhood when it's hard. 

Let's work together, and create a memory reel of your moments. 


My dream

"I want to photograph birth, postpartum, life. This 4th trimester. The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. If you are willing to open up and let me follow you this is a personal project. The amount of times I photograph you will depend on your situation.
"I have found through my postpartum journey that self portraits have helped me a lot in sorting out my feelings. I have also moved it to other parts of my life so anytime I am overwhelmed I make a photograph to express it. I would like to do this for others. I want to showcase postpartum and give it a voice.
I want you to trust me. 
I want mommas of all birth experiences, postpartum depression, happy postpartum, after birth recovery, breastfeeding with ties, sleeping arrangements, single moms, sargent postpartum, adoptive families, loss, stretch marks, first day no one is there to help, mother mortality, sibling reactions, rainbow babies, NICU stays, single dads, overwhelming moments, emotions, lack of emotion, connection and lack of connection. I want all kinds of diversity. All walks of life. Multiple babies and singletons. First time moms, 10th time moms.
This again will be real and raw. We won’t pose, we will capture the “realness of postpartum” - Kourtnie Scholz