Chelsea Stevens//Stylist//Go-To//How to make your pictures WORK.

This is the moment. 

You have your pictures scheduled, you've narrowed down between the 3 infamous choices I've given you:

1. In-home

2. Urban/Trendy

3. Outdoor.

"But for the LOVE, girl, MAKE ME LOOK GOOD. "

My friends, here is the secret. If you want a shoot to look BOMB.COM you HAVE to put the work in. Like legit. SO, I am going to HELP YOU, by letting my OWN personal style guru help you.  For my own personal portraits I do hair and make up, because when I KNOW I look good I automatically look better on camera. (Shout out to Muah Jessica Stoughton for her hair/makeup)

There is a science to this, and if you want your pictures to represent that lifestyle, beautiful, emotional feel we can't even take you seriously if you show up in your color scheme so hard that everyone has a different chambray. 

You just wanted to COORDINATE, that was the dream. Am I right?!

You just wanted to COORDINATE, that was the dream. Am I right?!

Or you can coordinate with a proper, researched color palette according to your skin tone (EVEN USING WHAT YOU HAVE PAIRED IN YOUR CLOSET!)



Some of you ladies are too legit to quit, and have all the confidence and creativity in their ideas and style -- like below-- 

(Ahem, dreamy bohemian shoot styled and put together by this lovely woman)

(Ahem, dreamy bohemian shoot styled and put together by this lovely woman)

SOME of us just want it to look good, and not have to worry with the details. Because, truth be told we will end up spending a ton of money on these outfits we "thought" would work, and they are only worn for the shoot, and we don't even FEEL good in them. So, let me introduce you to Chelsea!


Chelsea is incredible at creating vision. Creating a moment for you to feel beautiful, but have you walk away knowing that in full confidence, this was a GOOD experience. Family pictures are HARD, maternity, newborn, all the logistics. But, having someone to cast vision and with incredible experience is a marked difference. 

I am going to start offering Chelsea's add on packages to help you create the PERFECT look


  • Concept with color combination/mood board (legit she's going to tell you how ta do it)



  • 5 hours of pre shoot planning
  • Concept with color combinations/mood board
  • style assistance
  • Possible Site selection with 4-5 options



  • Concept with color combination/mood board
  • Pre-Shoot style Assistance
  • site selection (4-5 options)
  • On Site Styling


I will have this feature LIVE on my website soon,  and I cannot WAIT for you to meet her and have her create an even better experience for you!

My goal (and as a momma of two littles) is for you to walk away feeling confident. So yes, there s an option to an extra cost to the moment, but these are the memories you hold on to for a life time, passed on from generation, let us help you make THE BEST!

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