Postpartum RAW. Volume 1. ||| Faye Linwood|||

Every part of your body aches. 

If it is the first time you've done this, you wonder why in the world people don't tell you this is what it feels like, and how in God's name they take beautiful, sweet pictures when you look like a deflated balloon oozing liquid out of every single orifice of your body. 

If this is your second, third, etc. You remember, that you forget. You forget how tired your body is, and you remember the growth spurts to come. 

oh but you know the quick/slow of it.

The quick slow. Where the nights of aching nursing sessions and pleads to sleep feel slow as the world rests, and the quick moments knowing that one day soon they'll not smell the way they do, or breathe in the steady breath in the nape of your neck. 

It's time for a reset.


birth. motherhood. beauty.



Your incredible body, by the hands of a miracle-- weaved the fabric of a human, and grew. Now, however the nourishment, it knows to nourish a baby. It knows to hold a baby, to shush, and to feel the warmth of that baby, to know that this little person will be the exact mirror of your motherhood. They will learn what the face of joy is, what beauty is deemed beautiful, what sadness is, and how to choose purity over chaos. The beauty is as much as they learn the noises of this earth, you learn the noises of life. Of how to love. 

So lets start from the beginning. 

Where your body aches.

Where your heart aches. Because you are in the whirlwind chaos of a sleep deprivation. You also never realized that someone's cry could literally pierce your very being to the core and cause it to literally explode. 

You also never knew love could feel so heavy. Full of expectation, full of weight. 

Let's start it from the moment you saw your baby, and you may have began the comparison. That maybe it took you a little longer to fall in love.

That your hormones or birth experience hurt. That expectations were violently stolen. 

Let's begin. 

Let's mother in peace, and not in pain and fear. 

It's ok to feel. It's not ok to steal the joy and remembrance of your life you have created though.