Postpartum RAW. Volume 2. ||| Baby Royal |||

NO matter the wait. The prayers, the pleads to your body to carry this babe perfectly, you reach a moment that you wonder how you're going to do this. Sometimes you feel even worse, because you entertain the thought that somehow God made a mistake, you should love this more--- you should be even more excited than you are. But, you're tired. Or you've waited so long for this very season, and it is looking so much different than you knew it to be. 

It's ok, momma. 

it's. ok. 

The thing about postpartum is that it is literally means "a bearing, a bringing forth". Why on earth do we limit it to a first few weeks? I don't have it figured out at 1.5 years after my last birth. After you deliver your baby, you are "bringing forth" something every day.

In the first few months it's a bringing yourself, as tired and exhausted as you are to this baby.

The cluster feeding, the mom's who measure their supply's like for some reason the amount of milk you create is definitive of your love, and punish themselves. 

 the colic nights. Where you are crying and pleading to the dark walls at night to "just go to sleep. You are SO TIRED, just go to sleep."

 What once had rhythm is not. What once had places, does not. If you had older kids, they are learning their roles, husbands and partners re-learn their roles, you learn your role. That grace for yourself is what you need, what your little one needs. 

In years to come:

You defend their innocence, but teach them strength. 

You teach self control, that it's ok to have this emotion and feeling, but you cannot live there.

You instill belief. 

You teach courage.

You teach that as a mother, we are strong, but we are weak all at once. 

You teach what apologies look like, because if we don't lower ourselves to apologize and stop blaming everyone else for our actions, how will they?

You teach what honor is. That we honor people with our words, our actions, that each and everyone in this world has a purpose and a destiny. 


Momma. You are always bringing forth. 


You carried life. 

You. Bring. Forth. 

Be proud.