Mothers Day Giveaway.



“I always wanted to be a hero—- to sacrifice my life in a big way one time— and yet, GOd has required my sacrifice to be thousands of days, over many years, with one more kiss, one more story, one more meal.”

To the hero who had her expectations missed from the start.

Who did all the right things to prepare. Took all the classes, and ended up in Plan b, plan c, and plan d.

To the mom with empty arms.

The mom who has her arms filled by one who has carried for you.

To the mom who carried a child with love enough to give to another mother, another home.


To the mom who was up with a baby all night, rocking, comforting, weeping, pleading.

To the mom who has a child built with special needs, where “special” is the word of choice, because there will never be another and you must be their voice.

To the mom waking up hours before the sun,

to fix bottles,

pack lunches,


who doesn’t want to leave.

To the mom who is at home, not remembering who she was. Feeling shame for wanting to remember.

To the mom who navigates anxiety, unrelenting emotions,


Each time we choose joy,

We teach what it means to choose life over chaos.

TO choose life IN the chaos.

Your daily offering is your daily building.

We teach that her’s start at the beginning.

That love wins when we are tired,

when we feel inadequate,

when we feel broken and weak, without answers.

The redundancy of our days and our pb and j’s put the food in front of future presidents, warriors, fathers, mothers, nurses, and doctors.

We clothe our hero’s from the start.

Happy Mothers Day.

Contest Details:

Hero Contest 2019.

Nominate a mom in your life that has inspired you, encouraged you, and needs to be reminded that they are SEEN and loved.

They will win a package of their choice:

Birth film, birth photography, Doula, Family film, any photography package.

(((YES))) You read that correctly, ANY of my services will be GIFTED to honor a mom. Which can be up to a $1499.00 service!

** HOW TO**

  1. Like my post and then SHARE the post on social media, and tag my facebook name:

  2. Comment on the video and nominate your person with their name- and WHY they deserve to win. EX: ( I nominate Sarah, she is a single mom and has seen such hard moments but STILL makes time to encourage me- ETC.) —— Let them know why you love them, it will make them feel SO loved.

  3. I will do a live drawing on Mothers Day at 2:00PM to reveal who the special momma is!