Behind the Birth Story.


I can’t tell you how many times I sit down with clients who are in process of having to convince their loved ones from all sides that they want a photographer or film of their birth. Social media and it’s exponential growth over the last several years has brought light into many dark places, but also clouded and formed darkness around as well.

First thing is first. I understand.

When you think of birth from the outside, all you picture is a scene from the movies- vulnerable, dramatic, blood.

I can assure you, that is not the goal of birth stories.

In fact, some people only remember that because that’s all they have in the moment.

My goal is to paint your picture differently.

Remember the room you stayed in? The way the light peered through the windows while you rested in between contractions? If it is a stubborn first baby and you felt emotional from the long day, do you remember how your partner held you while you cried? Told you “this is it, you can do this, you are strong.”

Do you remember the look on your partner’s face when your baby the first breath, how he or she knew the exact space to be in nuzzled underneath your neck while you counted ten fingers or ten toes?

Do you remember the tears that rolled down the side of your face and you breathed this baby in? Your doula, midwife, nurse, mom- the entire room erupting in praise when you felt like the moments were hard- this is the moment.

Or the stillness of the room as everyone left and it is you and your new family?

These are the moments I capture for you to remember.

I help you to look beyond, to remember that you went beyond who you were to deliver this baby- because every day that follows as “mom” you will go beyond, because that’s what we do. That’s who we are. That is the story.

Now, the next hurdle is COST.

Yes. You are caring for so many costs with a newborn. Providers, supplies, preparation. It is real. Adding in an EXTRA cost seems to always be the main reason for the deal breaker.

I can assure you, I work with you. We can customize something together to hopefully have this moment capture together. I’ve also created a new registry option. With this, whenever people are throwing a shower, or even asking what it is you need you can have people contribute via registry at whatever capacity.

If you’re on the fence, leave me a message- let’s meet over coffee with your partner. Talk about the vision of the day, so that it’s remembered for the beauty of life that it is.