Marley Rose

“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.” ~ Jane Weideman


"My first birth was all natural, with midwives in a hospital setting, (and it went great!) but I knew the second time around that I wanted a more private and personal experience. After interviewing the midwives at Origins Birth and Wellness Collective, I felt at home… they felt like family… and I knew that Origins is where I belonged. My care was absolutely exceptional. They tended to both the physiological and emotional aspects of my pregnancy. They loved on me. They loved on my entire family. 

Since Maxwell made his appearance so early (38 weeks on the dot), I was sure that baby #2 would be an early bird too… after all, I was a pro at this point, right? Well, 38 weeks came and went and still no baby. We had just moved into our new house and I was nesting like a wild woman all the while chasing a rambunctious two year old and still, no baby. Once the 38 week mark passed, I was beginning to get anxious to meet this little boy or girl I was growing inside. 

On May 25th, I was working from home as I usually do on Wednesdays. I got Maxwell fed and as I was cleaning him up, I told my mom to go ahead and come and get him as I just didn't have the energy to drop him off for the day as usual. She arrived around 9:30am and I got to working. My mother would tell you that she knew I was in labor at this point, but I was in denial. At 10am, I started to notice slightly more frequent Braxton Hicks but nothing measurable or intense. At 10:11am I texted my doula, Daniela, and told her I was feeling contraction-y. She gave me a call and a few pointers and told me to keep her updated.

I decided to take a shower, you know, just in case. By 10:30am, I was able to clearly track my contractions. I called the midwife on-call and sweet Angela asked how far apart my contractions were. I looked at my tracking app and was puzzled. I told her, “Well, about 2-3 minutes?” No way, I thought, these are a fluke - I just got started! Angela told me to lie down, see if I noticed any changes and if anything got more intense, give her a call back. My 39 week appointment was at noon that day so I figured we would check things out when I went in. 

I called Damon and told him what was going on. I told him that he might want to head home in the next couple of hours. Within 10 minutes I was texting him “Now. COME NOW. I NEED YOU HERE NOW.” At this point it was about 11am. I was on my knees with my upper body draped over the birthing ball letting my belly hang freely and rocking my hips in a circular motion. Between contractions, I would sit back to relax and Maxwell would steal the ball and run off with it. Two minutes would go by in a flash and then another wave would hit me… Pretty soon, I could not lie down, I could not sit on a birthing ball, I could not handle the intensity of my contractions. My mother was there to help but I couldn't even tell her what I needed. I had gone from active labor to transition within a matter of minutes.

In what seemed like an eternity, Damon finally arrived home, although it had only taken him about 30 minutes to get there from the Air Force Base. He gave me counter-pressure on my hips and helped me through one contraction before we both jumped up and sprinted downstairs and out the door. I had another contraction in the middle of the street and then we darted off to the birth center, leaving all of the labor and birth prep things behind. Luckily my mother grabbed my bag and Maxwell and followed closely behind. Origins is less than 5 miles from our house, yet this was the longest drive of my life guys. I was slumped over the center console into the backseat trying to use gravity to slow baby down. I remember hearing Robin Thicke’s “You Know You Want It” song on the radio and crying “‘my baby can not be born to this!”. I remember losing all control and yelling at Damon for stopping and not running all the lights. I remember feeling him go off roading to bypass stopped cars and screaming over each and every bump. 

Luckily, my mom had called Daniela who notified my birth photographer, Deborah. They both live about 7 minutes from the birth center and met us there just in time. 

Time of arrival: 11:40am. I seem to recall a welcoming committee of people lining the walkway at Origins as I hopped out of the truck. I told one of the midwives “Gina, I feel pushy!” and she calmly put her arm around me and said “Oh sweetie, come on in and let's have a look.” Student midwife Justine has a sixth sense about these things and she started filling the birthing tub on a hunch. I hopped right in, but then I completely lost my cool. I want to tell you how namaste and peaceful it all was, but I couldn't even remember how to breathe! Daniela & Midwife Kaitlyn looked me in the face breathed with me. I began to calm down. Angela asked me to reach down and perform my own cervical check. She asked me to feel for baby’s head… was it 1 knuckle? 2 knuckles? a whole finger? I was confused. Baby’s head was already pushing out! After a quick look-see, she told me “You got this! Just breathe your baby out”. I told them I was uncomfortable on my knees so they suggested the Captain Morgan pose - If you can imagine - kneeling with one knee up. I brought my knee up and my sweet baby popped right out. In a moment of sweet relief and complete awe I brought baby to my chest. I had grabbed between the legs and thought for sure I felt boy anatomy… but what I was feeling was actually the cord. I looked down and to everyone's surprise, announced “IT’S A GIRL!!!!” 



Miss Marley Rose
Born 5/25/16 at 11:52am, merely 12 minutes after arriving at the birthing center. 
8lbs, 3oz / 20.5in

We were home and loving on our baby girl by 3pm.

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