Ninja Pops (Ningxia Popsicles!)

FOR THE LOVE.. This Popsicle goes out to the momma who is trying to survive the stretch till daddy gets home--- where YES, you would love to give them all the treats to keep everyone happy so you can cook dinner. Anyone?! Eh? Just me?! Ok PERFECT, so lemme let you in on my new favorite thing.

POPSICLES! Guys. I fill them with ALL the healthy things in the world and if you season it just right, BOOM, automatic mom win-- and they think it's a treat!



  • So my base of this goodness is Ningxia Red Juice-- and momma this is our go-to, first hand liquid of gold attack when illness arrives. In just one oz. of this goodness it is equivalent to :

+4lbs of Carrots, 2 quarts of carrot juice, 10lbs of spinach, 59 Broccoli Florets (ALL THE MOM'S SAY AMEN TO GREENS!) 8 oranges, 1 pint of orange juice, 2 cups of beets, 3 Cups of Raspberries, 2 cups of blueberries, 21 Trace Minerals, Fatty acids

The beauty of this, is that you literally can give this for a tummy bug, flu, drink daily for immune support, use for nursing momma's to increase supply, and it is a GAME-CHANGER 

**if you want to purchase this or are interested in this, click below!

  • Elderberry Syrup

You guys have seen my previous blog post of Elderberry, and we add this into our pops for increased immune building, respiratory support, and overall wellness. My distributor for this is Chelsea Stevens if you're local in the DFW metroplex!! 

  • Probiotics- GUT HEALTH, GUT HEALTH, GUT HEALTH. Behavior, immune support, sleep, digestion, allergies--- it's all down to gut health. So taking a probiotic helps to stimulate growth of healthy bacteria to create a healthy body!
  • Kefir--- basically probiotic yogurt. 

    Kefir contains high levels of vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K2, biotin, folate, enzymes and probiotics.  Because kefir does not have a standardized nutrition content, the content values can vary based on the cows, cultures, and region where it is produced. Yet even with the range in values, kefir has superior nutrition.

    Because of kefir’s unique set of nutrients it has been show to benefit the body in 7 main ways:

  • Boost Immunity
  • Heal Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Build Bone Density
  • Fight Allergies
  • Improve Lactose Digestion
  • Kill Candida
  • Support Detoxification



  • Grape Juice- I give this daily to my toddler. I read that it helps to balance the alkalinity of the stomach lining to help with tummy bug prevention... I can't scientifically refer you--- but I believe in a little juice for a chance at health! 
  • MineralEssence- 

    It is no secret that mineral deficiency is a huge reason the body will not be at its best. Our bodies are often depleted of necessary minerals because of the way the foods are grown, prepared and just plain lack of “good food”.

    Young Living offers a mineral replacement supplement called Mineral Essence. This is a full spectrum ionic mineral complex. If our body lacks minerals, the vitamins in our systems can not assimilate or absorb properly by our body. Minerals are necessary for proper metabolic and immune functioning.



A popsicle holder- mine only holds like 4 because we broke a handle so whatever leftover I have, she drinks or I put in the fridge for my next batch!

++4oz of Nigxia Red

++1 Cup of GrapeJuice

++3 capsules of Probiotic

++1 dropper of Mineral Essence

++2 Dates

++1 Cup of Kefir

++1/2 Avocado for creaminess and protein

++3T of Elderberry Syrup

++1/2C of frozen fruit of your choice!

Helping pit the dates!

Drinking the leftovers    

Drinking the leftovers