“I always wanted to be a hero--to sacrifice my life in a big way one time--and yet, God has required my sacrifice to be thousands of days, over many years, with one more kiss, one more story, one more meal.” 

Today was the day I needed 100,000 reminders of who I am. The day after changing all the diapers, saying "no we cannot have cookies and fruit snacks all day", spankings, and "please, will you just let me go potty?" but also that moment when you look the two most beautiful babes in the face while they are both screaming and angry about something that I have to utter "Lord Jesus, be here."

Motherhood is HARD. Some days, you are drowning and some days you are soaring. Some days the drown and soar happen every 10 minutes. 

I tell myself to remember the dinner table. That in 20 years I will desperately miss my babies needing me. That in 20 years I could be dealing with one girl planning a wedding, and another begging to go to Africa to save the world while my momma heart tries to figure out how to tell her Mother Teresa did such a great job! (Not really going to stop her, but forreal my heart!) I could be dealing with opposite, less glorious problems--- like a young woman trying to navigate through a heartache, or dealing with consequences from a road less traveled.

Each time I choose joy, I show my girls what it means to choose life over chaos-- and sometimes to choose life in the chaos. That is my daily offering right now. That the mundane schedule, and redundancy of our days is to choose joy, to breathe through our moments and remember that this was the day the Lord has made. 

Remember momma, you were made for this. Whether you served organic chicken with a side of brussels, or you turned your head as you served some mac and cheese to avoid the fight (come on, I'm not the only one!). This blog--- yes to introduce wellness... yes to be passionate about birth photography. But also, for days where you're rocking that baby for the 1000th time, wondering if you'll ever get sleep, knowing this is the moment that seems to last forever but seals more than we know in their spirit. 

Solidarity momma.